origin and philosophy

zuback•crc began in 1999 when Steve Zuback decided to take his passion for developing executives, creating and developing leaders, making executives more effective, as well as developing organizations into high-performing organizations, and with his 30-plus years of experience as a senior executive and consultant, meld them into a creative coaching process for executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Steve knows from first–hand experience that executive coaching offers a business the best return on its investment for developing an executive or team in the shortest period of time, and that coaching is the optimal method to achieve the meaningful development and sustainable growth of a valued and busy senior executive.

Executive coaching uses the best of Steve's experience and perfectly fits his principles, life design, values, talents, skills, and personality. The work he does is who he is.
Steve believes:

  • For executive coaching to succeed, there needs to be a completely committed Sponsor and Client, specific goals, and a clearly defined coaching relationship based on mutual trust, respect, and freedom of expression.
  • Each Client has their own unique strengths, gifts, and talents.
  • Each Client has the capacity to use their free will and choice to operate differently, learn new skills, and create alternate paradigms by which they can move forward and lead a more successful and fulfilled professional and personal life.
  • Each Client can alter their worldview by challenging their existing assumptions and perceptions.
  • Life is integrated and whole and is values-driven.
  • People create their world through the language they use.
  • A person is shaped by their experiences, the language they use, their behavior, and the groups with which they affiliate.
  • People become what they think, what the vision is.
  • A person is defined by what they do and how they do it.
  • Success is based on the ability to quickly and effectively negotiate the whitewater of professional and personal life.
  • A senior executive must lead and manage in a world of polarities, ambiguities, and paradoxes and recognize unanticipated opportunities.
  • Executives need to continually grow their capacity and capability as a leader and manager to be successful in today's marketplace.