coaching strategies

zuback•crc uses a variety and combination of coaching techniques to create a custom strategy. Reflective, instrumental, and observational methods are used to create greater capability in the Client.

  • Reflection and Inquiry allow the Client to examine current and new perspectives, reframe basic assumptions and structures of interpretation, and give insights into how they operate and show up.
  • Instrumental Coaching involves the use of self-assessment questionnaires, which allows the Client to gather greater insight into behaviors, values, and attitudes. These assessments include:
    • Multi-rater (360°), as well as custom-designed instruments or interviews may be given to others within and/or outside the organization
    • The Management Research Group's (MRG) Leadership Effectiveness Analysis and the Personal Directions Inventory
    • The Leadership Practices Inventory by Kouzes and Posner
    • The Leadership/Impact and Life Styles Inventory by Human Synergistics International
    • DISC and the Personal Interests, Attitudes, and Values surveys
  • Observational Coaching requires the Coach to physically observe the Client in their environment to gather data. The data is analyzed, action plans are developed, and current plans are augmented to allow the Client to improve.